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  • FLORAVIS 80 tablets


    Chicory is rich in inulin, a prebiotic fibre that supports regular bowel movements and, in combination with probiotic lactic cultures, helps maintain...



    Mate carries out a tonic action useful for combating physical and mental fatigue, supports drainage of body fluids and promotes a healthy body weight by stimulating metabolism, in particular that of l...

  • ABACUVIS 10 ml


    100% pure and natural essential oil blend with balsamic and fluidising effect, distilled from 20 aromatic plants....

  • AC CREAM 50 ml

    AC - cream

    Skin cleansing cream, rich in astringent, toning and purifying plant extracts, with soothing natural oils, essential oils and vitamins. Suitable for oily and impure skin with dilated pores, blackheads...

  • Cardiomix


    The flowers and leaves of hawthorn favour the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and keep blood pressure levels normal. They also promote relaxation and mental well-being and counteract o...

  • Alfrevis


    Herbal supplement containing vitamin C and lactic cultures. Goat's rue has a galactogogue effect, as it increases breast milk supply in breastfeeding women. Vitamin C contributes to the formation...

  • Agar-Agar with lactic cultures and chlorophyll

    Agar-Agar with lactic cultures and chlorophyll

    Agar-agar is a soluble fibre that cannot be digested nor absorbed by the gut; it normalises stool volume and consistency, enhancing regular bowel movements. Probiotic lactic acid bacteria can be usefu...

  • Agarvis


    Agar-agar is a soluble fibre that cannot be digested nor absorbed by the gut; it helps normalise stool volume and consistency, supporting regular bowel movements. Probiotic lactic acid bacteria are us...

  • Allergyvis


    Herbal supplement with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Marshmallow promotes the function of the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract and supports a healthy throat. Anise and garden An...

  • Chamomile bubble bath

    Chamomile bubble bath

    Relaxing and de-stressing body wash, with soothing extracts of chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, hops, hawthorn, California poppy, centella and linden, relaxing essential oils, nourishing pantheno...

  • Hepatomix


    Fumitory maintains normal body's cleansing functions, promoting digestive and hepatobiliary functions. It also helps keep your skin healthy encouraging its normal trophism and function....

  • Diarvis


    Catechu exerts an astringent effect and, in association with gall-nut, oak, agrimony, snakeweed, rhatany, fragrant sumac and blueberry fruits, is useful in regulating intestinal transit. Catechu also ...

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