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Natural helps to improve your vision

Natural antioxidants

How to protect your eyes naturally

The eye is the sense organ in charge of receiving light stimuli and images, which, processed in the brain, generate the viewing experience. No coincidence that we often hear that “eyes are the mirrors of the soul”, as they are the expression of the inner world. So, every gaze is an open book to the inner life, and sometimes tells about the person itself: a bright gaze can express serenity and good disposition towards others; a gloomy one may indicate emotional difficulties, while expression with dilated pupils (and maybe an ever-open mouth) may indicate amazement. For this, and many other functions, it is therefore essential to safeguard and protect our eyes.

Everyday life demands a lot from our eyes: if you work on the computer, for example, your eyes need to adapt to different levels of contrast and brightness; while if you wear contact lenses, the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea decreases, thus limiting the normal production of the tear fluid.

Even excessive reading or studying, often performed in closed and confined spaces with artificial lights, may tire the eyes a lot. Finally, external agents such as dust and dirt can cause infections to these delicate organs. Little wonder, then, that our eyes suffer and begin to tear, burn and turn red.

Herbs to improve your eyesight

An important support for the care of our eyes can also arrive from the natural world. There are some herbal products that can be very useful for the eyes: blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), the extract of which can promote an "increase in capillary resistance and permeability, with retinal enzyme specific activities" (A. Bruni, M. Nicoletti, Dizionario ragionato di erboristeria e di fitoterapia, Padova 2003), have a beneficial effect on vision, while red vine (Vitis vinifera) "may provide health benefits with its bioflavonoids", substances that could improve "retinal health" (Le dieci erbe indispensabili. I rimedi verdi da tenere sempre in casa per curare ogni genere di disturbo, a cura di G. Maffeis, Milano 2014).

Finally, the Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) "known for its venotonic action [...], also reduces capillary fragility" (F. Perugini Billi, Manuale di fitoterapia, Azzano San Paolo 2004).

 Rules to protect our eyesight

Like each part of the human body, the eyes are organs of extraordinary importance, which is why you must always take care of them. Besides undergoing an eye examination every year, to mitigate temporary burning and dryness, you can resort, for example, to artificial tears, which can also be used when wearing contact lenses, while to reduce eye fatigue it is essential to do eye gymnastics, and keep your eyes clean. Even more, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from dust or pollen during the spring period, on in windy days, and on the beach. Furthermore, even those who are in places sheltered from the wind and dust can still have tired eyes: some very dry places may indeed cause eye redness and dryness. It is, after all, only a question of small measures aimed at protecting fundamental organs!


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