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Bad breath? Find out the natural remedies

Digestion and intestines

Possible causes of bad breath (halitosis) and plants that can help treat it

Halitosis is a general term used to describe the so-called bad breath, a disagreeable "annoyance" that can sometimes affect our daily life.

The causes of halitosis can be different, among these are:

  • poor digestion;
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • slowdown of gastrointestinal transit, leading to accumulation of putrefactive wastes.

Bad breath can also be the consequence of certain diseases (tonsillitis, diabetes, liver problems etc.), for which you should always consult your doctor.

Also smoking or frequent consumption of certain foods (garlic, onion, etc..) can cause or worsen bad breath.

Bad breath is a fairly widespread phenomenon. Indeed, some surveys have established that approximately 25% of world's population has suffered at least once from this problem.

The first way to deal with bad breath is therefore following proper oral hygiene, carefully removing food debris after every meal and using a mouthwash.

However, when bad breath is mainly due to poor digestion, oral hygiene alone will not solve the problem.

In these cases, you can also benefit from some natural, plant-based remedies, useful for counteracting the problem that generates halitosis.

Nutrition and natural aids against bad breath

When the problem of halitosis occurs frequently, you should also pay special attention to your diet. No food should, of course, be demonised or banned. Some foods, however, can promote bad breath and, therefore, you should not overindulge in them. These include:

  • dairy products (which can promote fermentation);
  • onions, garlic, etc.;
  • alcohol (as it can cause dehydration of the oral cavity, one of the factors that favour halitosis);
  • sugars (as they can encourage the fermentation and proliferation of bacteria);
  • coffee (which may favour acidity).

After correcting any "dietary mistakes", you can also benefit from taking some specific natural supplements, with plants and ingredients useful for counteracting the causes of bad breath.

A help, for example, can come from products made from agar-agar and chlorophyll: indeed, agar-agar can promote regular bowel movements and thus limit potential accumulation of waste (often the cause of bad breath). The addition of chlorophyll is particularly useful in case of halitosis, as the chlorophyllin contained within it has "deodorant" properties that can reduce bad odours.

You can also use oral sprays based on essential oils of peppermint: indeed, mint does not only exert a pleasant refreshing effect, but can also aid digestion and regulate bowel movements.

Finally, additional support can come from concentrated Aloe extracts, to be taken in drops diluted in hot or cold water: this plant is particularly appreciated in herbal medicine for its detoxification and soothing effects on the digestive system.

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