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Plant enzymes can promote digestion

Digestion and intestines

Some natural remedies to improve your digestion

The digestive process begins in the mouth, and continues in the stomach and the first part of the intestine.

The chemical-physical transformations that take place in the course of digestion mutate foods into substances that can be absorbed and utilised by the body for its various activities. That is why a "good digestion" is fundamental to enjoy a state of optimal health.

A key role in the transformation of food played by digestion is carried out by digestive enzymes. Once food is introduced into the oral cavity and crushed by chewing, it undergoes the first major changes by the enzymes in saliva.

This transformation process then proceeds by means of other enzymes throughout the way the food makes to reach the intestine. Each group of enzymes is involved in the digestion of specific substances. For example:

  • Amylase, present in the oral cavity, "attacks" dietary starch;
  • Pepsin in the stomach is responsible for the digestion of proteins.

Proceeding in the digestive process towards the intestine, food undergoes further chemical modifications by biliary and pancreatic enzymes (including lipase, involved in the digestion of lipids).

However, wrong diet habits or some specific diseases may actually decrease the effectiveness of the enzymatic digestive process and cause poor digestion.

In these cases, it is possible to support the digestive process by making use of specific natural products.

Plant enzymes and plants to thwart poor digestion

The extracts used in herbal medicine to promote digestive function are different. The plants often present in the formulation of specific supplements include:

  • gentian
  • bitter Ash
  • liquorice
  • green anise
  • cinnamon
  • fennel
  • pineapple
  • papaya
  • star anise
  • cloves
  • wormwood

Often, in addition to these extracts, to obtain a synergistic action and greater effectiveness, plant source digestive enzymes can be added.

The presence of these enzymes is to improve the efficiency of the digestive process and to "compensate" for any deficiencies of human enzymes.

Plant source digestive enzymes can be divided into several groups, according to specific functions; e.g:

  • protease, which breaks down protein bonds;
  • amylase, involved in the transformation of starch and sugars in general;
  • lactase, involved in the digestion of milk and milk products;
  • lipase, responsible for the transformation of triglycerides;
  • cellulase, responsible for the digestion of cellulose and plant material.

So, if there is difficulty in digesting, the ideal solution is to use natural supplements that contain all of the groups mentioned above.

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