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Mineral supplements, essential for sports people

Sport and fitness

After or during workout, it is good to replenish the minerals lost through sweating

Those who regularly practice moderate to vigorous physical activity are well aware that: sport, besides bringing benefits, can also greatly increase energy expenditure and, above all, the demands of nutrients by the body.

Excessive sweating during exercise also involves a loss of substances useful to the body, such as:

  • potassium;
  • sodium;
  • magnesium;
  • and of course water (main component of sweat).

In general, all aerobic activities (running, cycling, zumba dancing, to name a few) cause an inevitable increase in sweating.
Sweating is indeed a fundamental mechanism used by our body to thermoregulate itself by dispersing excess heat and to excrete waste products.

Hydrosalt supplements: a help against the side effects of excessive water loss

Excessive loss of fluids and minerals, if we do not replenish them, can also lead to dehydration and generate unpleasant "side effects".

  • shortness of breath and increased heart rate;
  • lack of energy;
  • cramps;
  • in extreme cases, sudden pressure drops, which can also lead to fainting.

It is therefore very important to replenish the water and minerals lost during workout, or soon after, also by resorting to specific supplements, especially if you practise endurance sports  (such as half-marathon, marathon etc.).

Taking hydrosalt supplements (if necessary, dissolved in a bottle of water to carry along) may indeed be useful for preventing dehydration and excessive loss of minerals.
In the formulation of these supplements for athletes are glucose and minerals such as sodium, chlorine and magnesium, valid for counteracting fatigue and promoting muscle function; potassium, useful for maintaining normal blood pressure.

Some hydrosalt supplements are also enriched by a mix of vitamins and nutrients, in particular, B-group vitamins (B2, B6, B12), vitamin C, folic acid and iron, which can contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.

By preparing themselves with a right supplementation, those who are fond of zumba dancing,  running, or long bike rides, will be able to give the best of themselves, without encountering any unpleasant incidents, such as cramps or sudden loss of energy.

Are you a super athletic person? Choose Dr Giorgini products that best suit your needs, including supplements specially designed to facilitate the replenishment of minerals after exercise.


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