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What makes Dr Giorgini supplements stand out from the others on the market?

The importance of the extraction method for the quality of food supplements

Plants contain many different nutrients (proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, resins, natural antioxidants and other active ingredients of different nature), which is why the extract quality can not be evaluated only on the basis of the titration of just one active ingredient.
The quality of a supplement, indeed, also depends on two other factors: the quality of the plants and the extraction method used.

To obtain an extract containing a high concentration of a single active ingredient, you must make a selective extraction (which enables you to extract only the active ingredient desired).
This type of extraction, however, causes the loss of most of the nutrients originally contained in a plant. These substances, however, are needed to make the extract action faster and more efficacious.
The only active ingredient, even if present in greater quantities, can not have the same effectiveness and rapidity of action of the complete extract containing the entire phytocomplex present in a vegetal material.

The uniqueness of Dr Giorgini's method of product preparation

All Dr Giorgini food supplements are prepared using only top quality raw materials and are formulated by following one simple rule: give the best for the well-being of our Consumers.

The special extraction method invented by Dr Giorgini, based on three subsequent extractions, allows us to obtain and use the entire phytocomplex of a plant.
The extraction performed in the Production Unit is carried out under vacuum and at low temperature, to preserve all the active ingredients and nutrients.
Given that all substances found in plants are extracted, it is impossible to obtain an extract with a high titration of only one active ingredient.

Once you understand the physiological and / or nutritive mechanism of action of a plant, you can fortify a product with all you need to enhance its beneficial effect.
For this reason, many Dr Giorgini products have complex formulas containing herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The additional components act in synergy with the extract, potentiating its effect and making it thus possible to create inimitable food supplements with unique effectiveness.

To explore this topic more, read or download the following pdf document:

Notes regarding the directions for use and the quality of Dr Giorgini food supplements









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